Tofu & Whiskey (not necessarily at the same time)

Got a little over two hours you want to kill? I've been suggesting these two talks to people over and over for the past couple weeks, so I figured I should probably share them here. They're Talks@Google, and they're both about making consumable things. The first one's about the history of tofu in the US and the economics of tofu production now -- and Minh Tsai, the guy giving the talk, makes tofu in the room while he talks.

From Investment Banker to Tofu Master | Minh Tsai, Founder/CEO of Hodo Soy

The second one is about how whiskey is made, especially scotch. As I write this, I'm drinking Macallan, because I was curious about the difference between scotch aged in sherry barrels versus scotch aged in bourbon barrels.

Anthony Caporale, "The Science of Whiskey" | Talks at Google