tired but not like those other times i was tired

Tonight was the production night for my school's newspaper, as a consequence of which I am seriously, intensely exhausted. (You know what would be really cool? If mental labor burned calories in proportion to the degree to which I feel totally drained by the end. I mean, mental labor does increase calorie usage -- I remember reading once that chess grandmasters' vital signs match that of professional athletes right after games, during matches.) Tonight's a pretty good exhausted, though. I got a lot done today. I didn't blog, obviously, until now, but I did some very important paperwork at school. (Very important paperwork just sounds like the sort of sentence that should only occur in a bureaucratic dystopia parody novel.)

Now, a lot of the letters in this post are starting to look to me like they're upside-down, and for a second I wasn't sure if I just wrote "Dystopia" or "Topiary." So I think I'm gonna sleep now.

Good night.