Time passing speed, redux

I couldn't think of something to write about, so I started going through my recent posts. Two Fridays ago, I wrote a post called "Time passing speed," which I promptly forgot about.

I mean, like, it’s not like I’ve never had this feeling before. I think it’s possible that this is the feeling I have all the time, and it’s just that I only sometimes notice. I don’t know what it would be like to not have a cyclical feeling about the passage of time.

I really mean forgot about. I forgot that I had felt like that, and right now I cant even conjure the feeling. Time feels very linear right now -- or, time feels like an ambiguous expanse ahead of me and a fixed line behind me. It doesn't feel like anything's going to come back around, ever again.

So -- like, I guess I was wrong about always feeling that way.

Time is weird.