Thoughts on the Santa Monica shooting

NOTE: This post was written on 2013-06-08, but scheduled in advance, because I’ve started to notice that my work schedule is heavy enough to prohibit regular blogging.  I will try to update this post if important details come out between today and the day this post is scheduled to go up, 2013-06-11.

As of writing this post, the BBC says that at least five people were killed in Santa Monica on Friday.  The Guardian says four.  It was, as far as the news seems to suggest, a pretty standard school shooting:  the shooter killed some people in his family, then started trying to kill random other people.  He was shot on the scene, and a suspect was taken into custody as a potential confederate, but later released.

I'm writing this less than an hour after finding out about it, and I just feel a sort of dull anger.  I don't have much to contribute to this conversation -- nothing that hasn't been said before, better, by smarter people, in clearer and more organized ways.

I just want to point out that this continues to be part of an absurd, dangerous trend that kills people all over the country, and we continue to be stalled on preventing this kind of thing because a certain minority of Americans have a massive boner for the Constitution's errata.  I have trouble figuring out what to do about it, apart from saying something.  So, I'm saying this: the second amendment, as it functions in the 21st century, is inhuman, and that trumps whether or not it's constitutional.