Thoughts on the Jennifer Morgue

I finished reading Charles Stross's "The Jennifer Morgue" yesterday.  (I also read the short story following the book, Pimpf, and the essay, The Golden Age of Spying.) The book was really, astoundingly good.  But I don't really know how to talk about it without spoiling significant things.  Hell, the blurb text on the back of the Trade Paperback sells out plot points that aren't strictly disclosed until about three quarters of the way through the book.

It's also the second book in a series, so any discussion of its contents is always a bit of a spoiler-minefield.

So, without any real information, I strongly recommend The Jennifer Morgue, by Charles Stross, to anyone who likes spy fiction, Lovecraftian horror, or geek humor.

The Jennifer Morgue, by Charles Stross:  [Amazon], [Barnes & Noble]