Things I Did Not Know: Google Definitions Edition

I was working on that troll story I've been talking about lately, and I needed to put a word that means 'prey,' or 'hunted thing,' and I knew there was one that started with a Q -- and I was pretty sure that it was the one I wanted.  I was, in fact, even a little confident that the word was quarry.  But I wasn't 100%, so I googled it.

Here's what I got:define-1

I was discouraged.  What word could it have possibly been, then?  Quory? Query? Quarrel? Quincy? I explored my internal vocabulary without success, until I realized that I had seen a gray arrow at the bottom of the google result, pictured above.

I had already navigated away from the page, so I searched it again, and clicked the button:


There!  At the bottom!  See it?  "An animal pursued by a hunter, hound, predatory mammal, or bird of prey.  /  A thing or person that is chased or sought."  That's exactly what I was looking for -- but that isn't all!  Apparently, it doesn't even come from the same root, when used in that sense:


And, there's even more information: a translation option, and a graph of its use over the last 200 years.

define-4And there's that gray arrow at the bottom again, in case I want to go back to just seeing the first definition.  (Joke's on you, Google:  I'll never go back!)   And now you know!  By which I mean now I know.  You probably already knew, because you're more computer savvy than I am, and know when and where to look for more information.  But in case you don't, here's how Google can help.