There's a new Dresden Codak page!

And  I didn't even notice, until yesterday.  (It came out on Thursday, when I had the day off and could have spent hours examining its every detail.)  It is, as  usual, astoundingly beautiful, and packed with detail.  (I didn't notice until I started writing this post that Caspar has had, like, a dozen of that pink drink, and Kim has a whole stack of chocolate cake already eaten.) Look how pretty this is!

Dark Science #26 - Masks

If you don't already read Dresden Codak, it's mandatory.  (I know I can't enforce that.  But you should read it.)  Here are some relevant links:

 The first page of Dark Science, the current storyline, which stands on its own and is an excellent place to start.

My favorite stand-alone Dresden Codak comic, CAVEMAN SCIENCE FICTION

The first Dresden Codak comic.  The art has come a long way since then.