The Sims 4

My partner is a big fan of the Sims games. Which makes sense -- they're pretty great games. Consequently, despite being unwilling to make the investment to purchase the games for myself, I get to play the Sims. My new Sim is named Thea Watson, because the randomized Sim I got looked kinda like me so I ran with it. She's a painter, and she lives in a tiny house that I built myself. (I, like many others, failed to identify the benefits of actual Sims gameplay at a young age, and mostly used it to build cool houses. Caitlin actually knows someone who took that passion forward into a career in architecture -- and who now, as far as I'm aware, makes more money than anyone else either of us knows.)

I'm actually pretty proud of my Sim, and would like to post pictures. Unfortunately I didn't think of that until after I logged off, so it will have to wait until a later date.