The SIMS! (3)

My partner finally got her new computer.  I don't think I mentioned it before, but it was a whole Odyssey.  Many stages.  Many roadblocks.  But the end goal was to get a computer which (unlike mine, the only one we had before now) didn't crash when you tried to do anything more demanding than watch a short  YouTube video and also have another web page open. Consequently, we have been taking turns playing the Sims 3 for the past 16 hours, and apart from sleep we've done almost nothing else.  I have been getting ready for work today (at 6 p.m.) in chunks during Caitlin's turns.

For the first time in my life, I'm playing the Sims legitimately -- that is, rather than cheat myself into ridiculous quantities of money and just build and furnish houses all day, I got a person, bought only a house they could afford, and got a job to start buying new things.  My shower is broken, my dinner table only takes up one square of player space, and my TV got repo'd in my first week because I didn't know how to pay my bills.

Also: my boss hates me.  (My boss is also my ex-girlfriend.  There was an ugly breakup after she tried to cast a love spell and failed.)

Honestly, it's so much fun.  I have ambitions!  And I've earned the things I own!  I sell paintings for money, and one of my character's goals is to paint a painting worth over 750 simoleans[1. The money in the Sims] so she can go to Egypt and sell it to a private art dealer!

Well, back to the game now.