The semester is over!

Well, for me, anyway. Finals go on for another two days, but all of mine are done. I actually studied yesterday -- like, I crammed. It was a kind of weird experience, because normally I keep pretty solid pace with the course content throughout the semester and don't have to do much more than brush up when finals come around.

But I'm not good with history the way I am with philosophy or literature. I struggle remembering specific dates, or the order in which things happen -- mainly because it's Western Civilization, and mostly wars, and wars are boring, and early 20th Century Europe is boring.

So I crammed. I got a big list of all the terms and essay questions the professor said we could expect on the test, and picked out all the ones I knew well enough (that is, vaguely) that I thought researching them would allow me to retain the information. Then I researched them all and wrote down all the bits of information I would probably need to get full credit for answering them, then I copied those notes out into another notebook in paragraph form, which I brought with me to read over and over again while I waited for the test to start.

The exam required us to identify and explain five out of a list of eight terms -- from a review list of 30, of which I learned 19 -- and answer two out of three essay questions -- all of which we were told in advance, so I basically just regurgitated from memory the essays I had pre-written.

I think I did okay. Definitely not great, but I'm confident I didn't fail, either.

▒▒▒ ▒▒▒ ▒▒▒

Also, I got that watch I wanted! Which I apparently have never blogged about here. It's called Durr, and it's made by a Norwegian design collective. I wrote about it for the Interstitial Arts Foundation Tumblr, here.