The Contemporary Foxwife, by Yoon Ha Lee

I've started listening to short stories again. After a long period where I found myself failing to pay attention to them every time I got in my car, I had given up on audio fiction for a little while. But now I've come back to it, and that's good news, because I want to strongly urge all my followers to go read or listen to "The Contemporary Foxwife," by Yoon Ha Lee, on Clarkesworld. Because it's adorable.

Not that there's nothing in it but adorableness, but it's kind of a platonic-magical-romance story with strong themes of the struggle of retaining cultural identity within a hegemonic culture.[1. Note: I'm white, so I'm very much speaking from outside the realm of experience of clashing with European ethnic identity.] And it takes place in the distant future, and in space.

Also, there's a nonbinary character! Osthen-of-White Falcon (whose name I thought was Austen through the whole story, because it was audio -- I only just discovered it isn't) is the roomate of  Kanseun Ong, the protaganist. They are really well written, and not at all made out to be entirely defined by their gender.

Again, the story is "The Contemporary Foxwife," by Yoon Ha Lee, and it's available for free as text or audio at Clarkesworld Magazine's website.