The Album Challenge (a thing I wrote in 2012)

In August of 2012, I wrote a very long short story / short novelette for a contest called the Album Challenge, in which writers were challenged to write a story in which each chapter corresponded thematically, and in sequence, to a single album. I wrote one for "Get Better" by Lemuria, about a girl leading a double life in which she was both a conservative Christian college student and a gay punk-rock singer with blue hair.  It used to be posted here, but I lost it when I accidentally corrupted all the data on all the files in my ipage account in the spring of 2013.

Fortunately I had also posted it on Tumblr, so it wasn't lost forever -- and today, finally, is the day I've gotten around to re-posting it here. It's got its own page, which when I get around to it I will eventually list in a collection of my publications. (That may be a while, because since I lost my other experimental fiction in spring 2013, too, this will be the only thing I have published, and I feel preemptively embarrassed at the idea of having a 'fiction by me' tab that has one entry, a self-published contest entry.)

In the meantime, here's a link to my Album Challenge: "Get Better"