Decorated squarespace

My new blog looks less different now than it did before. 

The close-to-default look I had this morning was alright -- I mean, it was really nice looking -- but it felt, like, way too professional? Black and gray text on a white field didn't feel like the right look for my blog. 

It felt very unlike my home, and I want my blog to feel like a home on the internet.

I've had the yellow-and-pink archetypal lemonade color scheme stuck in my head for a couple weeks. I thought about getting new sheets for my bed along that theme, but I want to stick to cool colors -- that was the whole point of getting new sheets.

But I really like it here. It feels really close to the yellow and red-orange of the Wordpress, but less stuffy. That old design was starting to feel a little claustrophobic. (And I hated those gradients and shadows that made it all look textured. I'm glad this layout doesn't have it.)

Also, it seems the www prefix might not work for visiting my new blog, so until my URL is all set it's