mental_floss: "10 Hotel Secrets from Behind the Front Desk"

I'm staying at a hotel next month, for Readercon, a science fiction and fantasy writers' convention.  With this or other conventions, I generally stay in about one hotel a year, so when I see articles about the secret inner-workings of hotels, I'm always curious. Some of these are a little squicky -- I'm certainly never going to use #6, "Never, Ever Pay for the Minibar."  But I'm probably not going to try #10 for a different reason.

There is always a better room, and when I feel that 20 you slipped me burning in my pocket, I will find it for you. And if there is nothing to be done room-wise, I have a slew of other options: late checkout, free movies, free minibar, room service amenities, and more. I will do whatever it takes to deserve the tip and then a little bit more in the hope that you’ll hit me again.

Some people feel nervous about this move. Please don’t. We are authorized to upgrade for special occasions. The special occasion occurring now is that I have a solid 20. That’s special enough for me!

I have read in several places that bribing service employees generally works.  And I've always wanted to try it, but I doubt I'm ever going to.  Not because I think it's morally wrong, but because I have a severe sense of anxiety that I would get turned down -- maybe I'd come off like I was a manager in disguise, or something -- and just be incredibly embarrassed.

So, since I'm going to Readercon with my friend, and I'm always at least a little bit afraid that all my friends secretly hate me, I will definitely not be trying anything that requires being remotely smooth.

Maybe I'll try it some time if I have to go to a hotel room alone.  May as well get the better room then, right?