More about the Sims 3

(Previous) The computer troubles were not completely resolved, it seems, and we lost all our saves.  So Caitlin and I have both started new households in the Sims.  I have lost my brilliant artist character, her bad relationship with her boss/ex-girlfriend, her nearly-within-reach goal of going to Egypt and selling a painting[1. The first time I painted something worth over 750 simoleans, I named it "Ticket to Egypt."  It made Caitlin really sad when I told her about that.], and a whole bunch of lifetime achievements.

I've got a new character, now -- Beth Quotidia[2. I deliberately named her based on the word 'quotidian,' but I didn't realize until I saved my game that it meant I got to call it "A Quotidian Home" -- which I thought was hilarious.] -- also an artist, this time unemployed.  She spends most of her time painting, and has flirted with a vampire.

She also has a cat, named Murr.  It turns out, cats are pretty high-maintenance, so my character isn't getting very far along in her painting.  On the other hand, though, the cat can hunt -- and it can catch rare animals -- and then sell those animals.

The cat brings in significantly more money than Beth does.

I also started one other family, because I saw some lifetime achievements that looked like a lot of fun.  Nicholas and Cecilia Moneybee are snobbish perfectionists who both work in business.  Nicholas's lifelong ambition is to have a nectar cellar worth over 20,000 simoleans.  Cecilia's ambition is to have a museum-quality collection of artifacts in the house.

I'm not sure how much I'm going to be blogging about the Sims soon, but it's not going to be never.