Adobe Font Design coming next year?!?!?

Okay so my source on this isn't awesome. By which I mean there's no reason to think she wouldn't be reliable, and she has video evidence, but that doesn't mean it's coming next year.

Karen Kavett's latest video, "New Photoshop Features From THE FUTURE??," discusses (among many other things) a new software Adobe was demoing that allows you to "design and customize fonts in minutes," according to Kavett. 

The relevant part is at 5m25s. I tried to embed it jumping right to that point, maybe you can't do that anymore.

I couldn't find any other writing about it, in the 10 minutes I searched before going to class this morning, but that makes sense for a new product they've only just announced -- Kavett didn't name the software in the video, so I don't know if it even has an official name yet, or if that's being explicitly withheld.

Anyway -- I couldn't be more excited. Font design is one of the very small handful of functions that I really think Adobe should offer, which they don't. (Other functions include running my whole life.) I've put off getting into casual font design because while I think I could do it in Illustrator, it would be a difficult process in a software outside its comfort zone. I'd be outside my comfort zone, too, since I haven't used Illustrator since high school. (Things I should start getting better at again, number 117.)