Thougths on the last episode of the Office

The Office ended yesterday -- unlike Community, this one I'm sure is over.  I have a lot of feelings about it, and I'm not totally sure how to put them together. When I started watching the Office, Steve Carell had already left the show.  He'd been gone for a while, actually -- I pretty much only caught the last season, live.  Everything before that was Netflix and Hulu.  I caught up to the present as I was reading and hearing commenters on the internet complaining about how much the show had gone downhill.

I felt strongly about the show's end.  I thought it was good that it was ending, that they decided to end it and do a final season, for real, not just keep pushing till they got cancelled.  I think that's important because if they hadn't, the show would probably have closed with Jim still working as a salesperson, Pam still working as the office manager, Dwight still assembling ill-wrought power grabs, and generally everyone feeling unfulfilled and a little empty.

The way it ended -- the fact that it ended -- says something important about the story of the Office.  It says that the experience of the people who worked at Dunder Mifflin was a journey, with growth and change and progress, rather than a Sisyphean grind -- or, worse than that, a struggle against relevance and into obscurity.

I have more thoughts, but I'm not really sure what to do with them.  And, also, this post doesn't have any spoilers in it, so I'm going to leave it off here.