More software I wish existed: a tiny spreadsheet

I have dozens of untitled spreadsheets in my Google Drive. Occasionally I go through and delete a bunch of them, but they still pile up.

The reason for that is that, most of the time, if I need to do some kind of calculation, it's manipulating several variables within the same equation. That's really inconvenient to do with a calculator, but really easy with a spreadsheet.

So I have these files, that contain, like, a 5x5 section of sparsely occupied cells, with no labels or context, because I knew what I was calculating at the time, and I have no need to preserve any of them.

What I wish I had was a little browser popup or app that just gave me a 5x5 spreadsheet, the way an in-browser calculator works. Something that keeps track of contents while I'm using it, but dumps them when I hit the 'clear' button. (It'd also be great if it could hover over the page I'm drawing reference numbers from.)

I just tried to find one, and I couldn't find anything that wasn't more inconvenient than creating a new Google spreadsheet. (One app looked like it was exactly what I wanted, but then I downloaded it and it turned out the "app" was a hyperlink to a website with an embedded spreadsheet tool.)

Does anybody know an app like I've described? Or, alternately, can anyone make one? Windows or Chrome compatible, please :)