Attack of the Giant Vulture: a terrifying video from the 90's

I have vague memories of Nickelodeon, distributed throughout my childhood, and I'm sort of sure that I saw this video at some point in my life.  (Most of the 90's are kind of a blur to me.  I wasn't paying very much attention during my childhood.)  But, though it was apparently unremarkable to me, one video about a giant vulture stuck with my partner, who brought it up earlier tonight. She described it as "A giant pink bird chases two kids through a park, then they somehow capture it and roast it."

The way she talked about it reminded me of nothing so much as the Candle Cove creepypasta story.

Several other people have also had trouble finding it:  seven years ago, "a gurrrrrrrrrrrrl" asked Yahoo,

I was wondering if I'm not the only one who remembers this short video. What I remember about it was this big scary vulture/bird/eagle thing chasing someone around this town. I remember it seeing raw bird hanging or something and it saying that that was its relivtive or something and then going to a playground maybe and i think something having to do with gum and its feathers coming off happened. If anyone can give me more information about it that would be great. Also if you could somehow give me the video that would be good too. Its been bugging me for a while and I cant find it. PLEASE HELP!

In 2009, an anonymous person on AnswerBag wrote, 

A while back (like in the late 90's or so) there was a short show/commercial on Nickelodeon with this big, evil bird-type thing that chased children around and ate them (or something like that). Does anyone know the name? Or what I'm talking about?

The video these folks are (probably) talking about is Attack of the Giant Vulture, which was part of Nick's "Short Films by Short People" series, in which they showed shorts made by children with the help of Nickelodeon content creators.  It most recently appears on YouTube, apparently, only about a year ago.  Here it is:

Here's a link to a version with the making-of sections cut, in case (a.) you don't want to watch them, even though they're adorable, or (b.) that video has been deleted for copyright reasons by the time you get to this post.

I have tagged this with everything I can think of that might help folks find it.