Stuff I forgot to blog about: Community was un-cancelled!

Last time I wrote about Community, it had just been cancelled, one season (and a movie) shy of its right and proper ending.  And it honestly looked like it wasn't coming back. First Netflix said they didn't want it. Then there were talks with Hulu. Then Hulu said they didn't want it. Then Danny Pudi pointed out on some social media (I think he tweeted it) that if it weren't picked up before the end of June, the actors' contracts would expire. I don't know if that was meant to imply that he wouldn't have been interested in signing back on or not, but if it did, that would have meant the show was over. Pierce going away wasn't the end of the world -- frankly, and I know this might be a controversial opinion, I like it better without Pierce: Professor Hickey is a great character, and a good example of older people at community colleges who aren't bigoted in literally every way that the writers could find. But Community without Abed just sounds really and truly pointless.

Fortunately, (Or unfortunately, if Pudi was looking for an out to pursue other things -- in which case, sorry) at almost-literally the last minute, Yahoo picked up Community for a sixth season. I didn't even know Yahoo was doing streaming service. Which I guess was the point: it seems almost like a publicity stunt, and if it is, it's a good one, because if you have to pay to get to Community on Yahoo, I'm cancelling my Hulu Plus account to make room in the budget.