Student email and other Hampshire stuff

I just sent my first email from my Hampshire student email account. I was messing around with it because I was procrastinating, and I was hoping there would be an easy and obvious way to set up forwarding so I could just keep using my gmail. I had an unexpected problem in getting my Hampshire student email: they gave me the wrong one.

Hampshire student emails are generated using the initials of your full name and the year you enter the school. So if I were to enter by my name here, my email would be (Don't email that. It's not mine, and I don't know if there is a T.X.W. at Hampshire this year.) But they had the wrong middle initial for me, for some reason. I didn't care for my own sake, because (obviously) I'm not particularly invested in my federally identified name, but apparently that matters from an administrative perspective.

So now I've got the right one, and I was looking for those settings, and I successfully guessed the email address of the other person from NECC who's also going to Hampshire this semester. (Or, I sent a different incoming student with the same full initials a very confusing email.)

I'm really looking forward to the paperwork opening up for my application, on the first of June. I'm honestly excited about filling it out. Especially my housing preferences.