Status update: They Might Be Giants discography

I listened all the way through Join Us for the first time today, and I thought I was pretty close to finishing TMBG's adult discography, so I checked out how I was doing. I did not realize how many songs they have exclusively on their EPs.

For example: today, via YouTube, I heard Mrs Train for the first time. It was originally released on The Else, which is an EP that came out at the same time as John Henry, an album I think I last listened all the way through in 2013.

Also: apparently the song She Was A Hotel Detective from The Else is a completely different song than (She Was A) Hotel Detective from their first, eponymous album, according to Wikipedia.

I have mixed feelings about all this new information. On the one hand, I'm thrilled to have discovered so much more TMBG to explore and experience. But on the other, there's an accomplishment of personal significance that I thought I Was on the cusp of achieving, but which is now probably more than a year away.

Maybe I'll manage to see them in concert again before I get through it all.