Solarpunk Occupy

A mental image of a specific solarpunk narrative is starting to come together in my mind, and I think now's about the right time to share a little of it. (No, not just because my last several blog posts have been incredibly banal. .. Okay, yes, because of that.) I'm imagining Occupy Wall Street, or something like it, taking over Zucotti Park, or someplace like it, again in the summer of 2015. The story takes place about two years later, when New York authorities have sort of given up on trying to uproot the encampment: with the rapid installation of new infrastructure the encampment can withstand a literal siege, and so far the government has stopped short of literal massacre.

mini-encampments form around tentpole locations: the library, the tech tent, the aquaponics lab; these encampments are adhocracies, and fluidly engage with the other encampments and with groups who take a collective interest in residents who are not part of an adhocracy.

They get all their power from solar. They get a surprising share of their food from aquaponics and high-density farming.

And that's about where my thoughts have run out so far. I still need an actual story before I can start writing, but I'm pretty happy about this vision of a setting.