So many ideas

I'm near the end of the first full day of this year's Readercon, and I have learned/heard about/been reminded of so many cool things. The last thing I went to was a slideshow on fantasy maps, during which I decided that the next draft of my NaNoWriMo novel from last year is going to be a stand-alone, incredibly detailed map. Or, if not stand-alone, an atlas, with detailed keys.

I went to the Interstitial Arts Foundation Town Hall Meeting, and unexpectedly stumbled onto an opening for editor of the IAF Tumblr -- I won't be alone, but I'm going to get to start contributing significantly to the Interstitial Arts Foundation, which I've wanted to do since my first Readercon. The tumblr is called interstitialarts. There isn't really anything there yet, but soon.


I'm going to head back out and do more cool stuff now. I might blog some more this weekend, just because there's going to be so much awesome stuff to blog about. If not, tty Monday.