So I guess I have an OTP

I watched the first Captain America movie last night, and so today I've spent a ton of time thinking about the Avengers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I realized, on the ride home from work today, that I ship Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson really hard. A tumblr I follow, Fandoms and Feminism, has spent a fair amount of time on the subject of why Steve Rogers should be bisexual, and there are a lot of awesome bi!Steve headcanon posts under her bisexual Steve Rogers tag. There have been some pretty long posts that I can't easily find right now about Rogers being from a place in NYC that at the time he was there would have been an epicenter of gay culture. Some folks have pointed out that Sam and Steve's relationship in Winter Soldier is played beat-for-beat like a romantic comedy. And Samuel L. Jackson has said that Chris Evans is the first LGBT Captain America.

I realized the particular importance of this ship, to me, today, because on my drive home I was thinking about the possibility, however distant, of the new Avengers movie next year featuring a canonical relationship between Steve and Sam, and I got choked up. I literally almost started crying.

For the record: my other OTP is Felicity and Oliver in Arrow.