So-far failed solarpunk knowledge mapping

  I've tried a few times now to sketch out a knowledge map of solarpunk, so that I can identify the areas where I don't understand or have clear ideas about important connections. The first time, I noticed there was a ton of connection surrounding art and postmodernism, but barely any surrounding renewable energy. So, this time, I started with renewable energy in the middle.

Here's what I got:solarpunk


So, eh. Better than last time, but no obvious new information is leaping out at me.

I decided to try mapping a more clearly established genre -- steampunk -- to see if I could spot connections that might be mirrored in solarpunk.


(The word connecting "Imperialist capitalism" and "Mass production" that got cut off is "supports," and "Comprises" was a really bad word choice to connect "Steampunk" and "Fantasy sci fi")

So, that wasn't especially helpful. It highlighted a lot of the inherent contradictions of steampunk, but that doesn't really matter because steampunk isn't meant to be a plausible genre.

Then --

I realized it was almost midnight and I hadn't blogged yet, so I snapped some photos of my notes and wrote them up.