So close to done!

So today I sat in a Papa Ginos for 3 hours, ate an entire large pizza, and worked on my novel. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before? But I'm hand-writing this whole draft on yellow legal pads. I did the same thing with ( the first draft of this novel | my first novel ) and it worked pretty well, because it really forces the "You can only move forward" feeling that I think is necessary sometimes when writing. The most back-up editing I allowed myself was brief margin notes on the current and previous days' writing, and, once, cutting the last two or so sentences from the previous day in order to move forward properly.

I've just gotten past the climax of the novel, and I think at this point it's fair to say that it's definitely the third draft of my first novel, not something new. The story didn't end up taking me to new and unexpected places, it continued all the way through to be what I intended it to be: a restructuring and tightening of the plot of the previous draft.

(That included: changing who the main character was, who the villain was, what their relationship was, cutting whole characters, arcs, institutions and settings entirely, and adding a lot of cool new stuff that I'm really excited about, including superheroes, an underground city, and nonbinary people with magical plant powers.)

And the climactic scene ended up playing out pretty close to exactly how it did last draft.

After that part, in the first and second drafts of this story, there were just a couple pages of "This is what the heroes did after that," and barely a reference to what happened next to the character who clearly should have been the main one.

So, I have no idea how the next chunk of the story is going to go. I am officially off the map. But, at least, I should be able to finish this draft before the start of the semester.