Signal boost: Charlie's axioms

Charles Stross posted an ad hoc list of axioms for contemporary politics, and since my brain is so blugh right now I don't even think I could call it fried (it feels like an egg that somebody tried to fry on a pan with no flame under it) I'm just gonna boost that instead of writing today. (I already did this on my solarpunk blog, with a short explanation about relevance) A different cluetrain

  1. We're living in an era of increasing automation. And it's trivially clear that the adoption of automation privileges capital over labour (because capital can be substituted for labour, and the profit from its deployment thereby accrues to capital rather than being shared evenly across society).
  2. A side-effect of the rise of capital is the financialization of everything—capital flows towards profit centres and if there aren't enough of them profits accrue to whoever can invent some more (even if the products or the items they're guaranteed against are essentially imaginary: futures, derivatives, CDOs, student loans).
  3. Since the collapse of the USSR and the rise of post-Tiananmen China it has become glaringly obvious that capitalism does not require democracy. Or even benefit from it. Capitalism as a system may well work best in the absence of democracy.