Short stories: a progress update

So. Story #1 may not get its second draft until after these four weeks are up. It's pretty close to done, but it doesn't really have any strong solarpunk elements. Like, the plot of this story is basically "Protaganist gets kicked out of home, walks for a very long time, then arrives at the solarpunk village," but once there, the story's pretty much over. I'm going to have em get a tour to give an idea of what, exactly, the resolution e has come to is, but that's not the depth I want to get into.

So I'm thinking these 4 stories are going to have to come together as a single, coherent piece -- because I don't want to spend another whole story establishing the place's existence, so I think I'm just going to jump over to another character and tell their story for a while. It'll be like Bordertown, but with genderqueer kids with magic powers doing cool things with renewable energy.