Shipping & Handling shows up in my podcast aggregator now!

Like six months or a year ago, one of the podcasts I listen to (I can't remember which) mentioned the podcast Shipping & Handling, which is by two literary agents, and is about shipping (as in fandom) and handling (as in book contracts). They are Bridget Smith and Jennifer Udden, and I immediately downloaded the first one. Unfortunately, it wasn't available in my aggregator at the time (the one attached to Pocket Casts). So I had to manually download the episode, which was a huge pain in the ass, and even though the episode was great, it wasn't worth the effort of doing that every time a new one came out.

So I started checking back, every few weeks then every few months then idk how long, and the last time I checked, it was there! And I'm super excited! Because it's a great podcast!

That is all.