S&GinSF/F: "Found" by Alex Dally MacFarlane

This one's a short story, and probably won't figure much into my actual project, but since I'm going to be drawing so heavily on Alex Dally MacFarlane's Post-Binary Gender in SF series[1. MacFarlane, Alex Dally. “Post-Binary Gender in SF: Introduction.” Tor.com. Tor. 21 Jan. 2014. Web. 21 Feb. 2014.] I've decided to start actually looking into her work a bit more. (I was excited to discover that I actually recognized her from a panel at Readercon last year, Authorial Metanarrative,[2. Saturday, 1 p.m.] in which she talked about the recurrence of foxes in her work.)

So today, I listened to the Clarkesworld audio edition of her short story, "Found," which I'm about to write about.

The paragraphs below are going to contain spoilers.

It becomes clear eventually in the story that the narrator is nongender, and that they'd only met one other person in their life who was, as well -- they live in a series of asteroids, in which they travel and sell spices.  The story does a great job of evoking the overwhelming sense of loneliness and pressure that comes from being in such a small minority, and demonstrates the importance of representation and of story in feeling okay with oneself.

You can read the story here, or listen to the audio here.