Sex and Gender in SF: I'm starting a project!

I'm taking a class this semester called "Sex and Gender in a Global World," and the final project is going to be a 10 minute presentation on... something to do with sex and gender.  So, I've decided to do mine on gender in Sci Fi, partly because that makes it way easier to decide what to read in my free time for the next three months. Then, super conveniently, a blogger at, Alex Dally MacFarlane, started a series called "Post-Binary Gender in SF."

In this post, I'm going to lay out my general plan and try and nail down some of my sources.

I've already read The Left Hand of Darkness,[1. Published 1969] by Ursula K. Le Guin, on which I'm sure I'll be able to find plenty of material, and Glasshouse,[2. Published 2006] by Charles Stross, on which I at least have his notes.

Those notes, by the way, led me to John Varley's Eight Worlds series, of which I'm currently reading the first book, The Ophiuchi Hotline.[3. Published 1977]

I'm waiting for an order to come in from Barnes and Noble, of The Female Man[4. Published 1975] by Joanna Russ.

The above-mentioned Tor blogger has already written two posts in her series, one on Mission Child[5. Published 1998.  MacFarlane column link; Jo Walton review link] by Maureen F. McHugh, and another on Ancillary Justice,[6. Published 2013, MacFarlane column link] by Ann Leckie.  I intend to read those.

There are also some titles that printed out on my receipt at Barnes & Noble -- I'm going to look into them, but I haven't done so yet:

  • Trouble on Triton: An Ambiguous Heterotopia, by Samuel R. Delany
  • We Who Are About To...,by Joanna Russ
  • Venus Plus X, by Theodore Sturgeon
  • The Left Hand of Darkness, by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Camp Concentration, by Thomas M. Disch