resolution: an inquiry

Does anybody else out there on the internet really frequently think in metaphors about resolution? As in, like, 1080p, hi-def, I-can-tell-that's-photoshopped resolution. Images. I was going to come on here and say my blog was going to suck tonight, because I made a really bad decision, at a really high resolution. Like, it's a big deal, but only in a really small spot, and only if you look really closely, and if you were looking at the whole picture over a shitty internet connection you probably wouldn't be able to see it at all.

The decision was having a pint of ice cream tonight. As a result of which, I have a horrible headache and feel nauseous. It's on the extreme end of negative effects that tend to follow ice cream for me, which I could have anticipated, because it's been a busy week and I'm pretty drained and malnourished.

I bring this up because (a.) it's a slightly better blog post than "I ate ice cream and now I feel like I fell face first into a pile of rocks that smells like rotten fish" and (b.) I use this internal metaphor, like, all the time. And I frequently find myself starting to say something in this metaphor, then stopping because I'm not sure it'll make any sense to anyone else.

So -- is this a thing? Do other people think in terms of resolution, or at least think they'd understand metaphors phrased that way?