Readercon starts tomorrow night and I am super excited

This weekend is one of the biggest things I look forward to every year[1. One of the things I look forward to most? One of the biggest events that I look forward to? One of the things I look forward to that is literally physically large in size? I don't even know.] -- Readercon, the only convention I can afford to go to.[2. Basically: I can afford one convention a year, and for about five years now Readercon has beat out Anime Boston. Although, tbh, not-going-to-conventions would beat out Anime Boston at this point in my life.] It's like three days of going to a college that unashamedly teaches a full curriculum of sci fi and fantasy, with loads of teachers who are intimately familiar with the field, and textbooks that are priced as if everyone involved were human beings who cared about each other. (The textbooks are the bookstore. Mostly, they're just cool books.) It falls right in the middle of summer, which is awesome because I kinda hate being out of school, and Readercon is like a dry stone in a wide river; it gives me a place to stand and catch my breath.

And though I still don't have any professional fiction sales, this year for the first time I'll be going as someone who's paid, regularly, as a writer! Well, as a journalist. Which is still basically a writer!

This is also the first year I'm going without my friend Mike, whose job is sending him to California this week. It'll be a new experience, being there alone. Maybe a little scary, but I think I can deal.[3. Note to self: double check that I have all my medications packed.]