Readercon: I'm home!

I am sorry there was not a post yesterday.  But here is more stuff that happened at Readercon following my cellphone post on Friday night (very early Saturday morning). Books I purchased:

  • The Drowning Girl by Caitlin R. Kiernan, which was frequently referenced.  Also, I wanted to start reading Kiernan's stuff.
  • The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman, which I bought because I knew I was going to want to get it eventually and it seemed pointless not to get it this weekend, when I wouldn't have to pay shipping.
  • Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link, which I read some of a while ago, and was $15, which is quite cheap for a hardcover.
  • The Earthsea Trilogy by Ursula K. LeGuin, which is 3 books, each of which cost 3 dollars at one of the used book dealers.
  • Salsa Nocturna by Daniel José Older, a collection of short stories.  I went to his reading on Saturday, and decided immediately that I needed to buy his book, which I did, later that day.  I got it signed by him on Sunday.

Here are some links that I have not yet explored, but that I know I want to check out:

  • Ally's Choice, an episode of Radiolab that I mentioned in the last blog post.
  • Myth Happens, the Livejournal of Sonya Taaffe, also mentioned in yesterday's post.
  •, which features interactive stories (games?) by Maureen McHugh.
  • The missing stair, a blog post on "The Pervocracy," which I'd read before, but was reminded where it comes from.
  • Long Hidden, an anthology about people who have been marginalized or ignored in history.  I have a story that might be appropriate to submit (I need to read it again to decide whether or not I think it is) but either way I'm going to want to get it when it comes out.
  • Things I will not do to my characters.  Ever.a blog post by Seanan McGuire about characters being raped. [EDITED: I accidentally linked to Long Hidden twice, instead of setting this one to go to the blog post.  It's fixed now. 2013-07-17]
  • I got raped, then my problems started, by Gina Tron, about institutional re-traumatization that occurs in the process of trying to report a rape.

There is so much more in my notes that I need to pick through -- earlier today, I went through it with a highlighter to highlight all the people and things that I specifically intend to do additional homework on -- but that's all the stuff that, on one pass of flipping through, I was able to quickly Google and find links.  Now, it will all be in one nice, neat place for me -- and for you, too!

One more point, apparently the book I read when I was a child, that was suddenly revealed to me in a massive room full of SF/F fans shouting, is "The Dark Lord of Derkholm," that's Derkholm with an E, not Darkholm.  I will be checking it out from the library almost immediately.