Readercon! Day 1 review

Okay, so by the strictest definition (and also by all but the most lax) this post is late.  But I have highlights from today that I both want to share, and want to get down in digital form. Note: I am blogging from my phone, so it is prohibitively tedious for me to do research and insert links.  That, I promise, will come in the post-con-post.

I don't think I've mentioned yet, but last night, during the two hours of Thursday programming, something amazing happened to me:

In middle school, I read a book that, I vividly remember, featured a country that chose a dark lord every year as a major tourism feature.

Since then, periodically, I have made an effort to find out the name of that book was, because I want to read it again. So far, I have failed.

But, last night, in a panel on what makes particular moments in books so memorable, I told that story, and about half the room turned towards me and shouted, "The Dark Lord of Darkholm!"

I intend to purchase it as soon as possible.

I went to several panels today on race, gender, and other forms of otherness in sf/f, and I learned a lot -- not just in the eye-opening "holy crap there are problems" sense, but also in a lot of specific approaches to authentically and less-problematically bringing otherness into my work.

On that topic, apparently a recent episode of Radiolab discusses or features a woman who chose to start identifying as white, and suddenly acquires white privilege.  So, I want to listen to that.

Maureen McHugh's panel The Art of The Internet was fantastic, and I wish I hadn't missed the first fifteen minutes.

The last thing I did today before hanging out in the con suite was go to Sonya Taaffe's reading.  She read alot half hour's worth of a novella she has not yet published, and it was awesome.  I got her Livejournal url,, which I will be keeping an eye on for when this novella comes out and I can read the whole thing.  In the meantime, I will check out whether she has other easily accessible work.