Re-watching Community Again

I've been having a pretty bad couple days (see: yesterday's post, and the post that didn't exist yesterday.) and one of the ways that's materializing is in a great deal of difficulty in writing things. This is a huge problem at my job, but has also been inconvenient at home, when it comes to blogging. Since I'm having trouble making any ideas materialize for blogging, I'm just going to write about the fact that I'm currently almost done season 2 in my third or fourth watch-through of Community.  I finished it a couple weeks ago, and basically just started from the top again, because I don't know maybe I'm a little pissed it was cancelled. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

I like a lot about Community. I hope that's obvious. But there are a couple things I've been paying more attention to in this watching than in previous ones. They are:

1. Jeff and Annie's not-relationship, and

2. The really incredibly bad Asian representation.

Jeff and Annie are by a wide margin my favorite ship in Community, but if they ever actually got together I'd be pissed, because it would be creepy as hell -- Jeff is literally twice Annie's age. And I really appreciate the fact that the show plays with their chemistry and the relationship with their characters without ever really legitimizing it. I noticed for the first time on this watch through that in s2e1 when the group finds out that Jeff kissed Annie after the transfer dance (btw not super into the casual transphobia in that episode) everyone is uncomplicatedly disgusted.

And for a show that spends a lot of time openly addressing and calling out racism, the fact that the only recurring Asian character, Chang, is also the only character who never gets fleshed out sympathetically is kind of a bummer. (I don't want to make any claims about whether Community actually does a good job dealing with racism, because the fact that I like it and am a white person is not proof that they're getting anything right.)