"Raising Steam" by Terry Pratchett is out! (In the UK)

I think I've mentioned before that my favorite book, out of all of the books, is "Going Postal" by Terry Pratchett. It's the first book featuring Moist von Lipwig, a con artist turned government employee.  There's a second Lipwig book, too, "Making Money," in which he's put in charge of a bank. And, now, there's a third.  From Boing Boing:

Terry Pratchett's Raising Steam is the 40th (!) novel in the Discworld series. It's just come out in the UK (the US edition comes out in March) and it's a tremendous synthesis of everything that makes Pratchett one of the world's most delightful writers. It's a curious thing: a fantasy novel about modernity and reactionaries, a synthesis of technological optimism and a curious sort of romantic mysticism.

I've never actually ordered something from the UK before, I think.  Unfortunately, my Amazon Prime trial didn't get me free shipping from overseas, but it still only cost about $26.

What, like I was supposed to wait until March?