Posts that won't show up on my own Tumblr feed

(because I have spiders blacklisted through Tumblr Savior) After peripherally blogging about spiders yesterday, a thought that's been kicking around in my head for a while (that if I were emperor of all, I would ban depictions of spiders on any packaging that doesn't literally contain spiders) ballooned into a larger narrative that I want to evacuate from my head. So, I'm writing it up here.

The thought was that if I were emperor of everything, and I banned all depictions of spiders, depictions of spiders would totally become the symbol for the resistance. I assume there'd be a resistance because if one person were in charge of everything they'd end up being brutally tyrannical to at least one group out there, no matter how hard they tried not to, because nobody can hold and negotiate between all the narratives of humankind all on their own.

And if there were a fairly obvious narrative about that emperor, who for the purposes of my sanity is now not me for the rest of this post, and is someone else, who I hereby declare that I am metaphysically incapable of imagining, that person's ultimate comeuppance for their violence against the resisting group would be -- I hope you can put the rest of this sentence together in your head, because I honestly can't write it.

There. Now this idea is out of me, and is banished from my pool of stories to ruminate over.