Pipes by Tom Milsom -- I love this song so much

Edit 2015-05-06: I got some hits on this post today and remembered it existed. Since I wrote it, it came out that Tom Milsom is a sexual predator. I don't feel comfortable having a link to his work on my site anymore. I'll leave the post, but I'm cutting the links to the video and the embed. When I saw Liam Dryden's reblog of Tom Milsom's latest song, I felt compelled to watch it, despite not really feeling like listening to anything.  Dryden wrote:

I played this then I played it again and I played it another time and you can bet your dang ass I’m gonna play it some more

I clicked on the song, and was at first weirded out.  Tom Milsom always looks a little odd, but it's as if he shot this video to look like some kind of Frankenstein monster.  (Turns out, probably.)  And it started out slow, and seemed at first needlessly philosophical.

Then I got to the far end, and I played it again.  Then I played it another time.  And I've played it at least another fifteen times, and copied down the lyrics so I can memorize them during downtime at work tonight.

Like, seriously.  This song is so good.

Without further ado:

(video embed removed)