Personal stuff re: work and college

A lot of people at my place of work are leaving for college now. I'm not sure whether it's intellectual elitism or just my personal taste in other people, but I've noticed as a whole bunch of people leave that most of the people I like, or at least get along with, at work, are leaving to go to college.  A lot of them plan on not coming back next year, although my understanding is that a lot of people say that and very few follow through.

It seems like there's something about the way minimum- or near-minimum-wage employment is structured that makes it start sucking again every time it starts to get tolerable.  I don't know if that's actually true, or if it's just my bad luck, although systematic patterns of emotional grinding-down is sort of par for the course in America.

I need to start getting over this pretty much immediately, because I've got 4 straight 12-hour days coming up and if I don't have a coping mechanism ready it's unlikely to go well for me.

I promise, once school starts, to get back into a regular schedule posting about things that have real immediate significance and value to readers not intimately interested in my internal life.