People being blatantly contemptuous of their own format while asking other people for money

So in the past couple days, I've had to deal with: A strike that isn't a strike, in which workers are refusing to (a.) form a union, (b.) call what they're doing a strike, or (c.) actually ask for the things they want.

They're demanding that the recently ousted CEO be returned to his position, because he prioritized benefits, career opportunities for low-level workers, and profit sharing. Now, they're not-striking, not for any of those things, but just to demand that guy's job back. And there have literally been commentators, including politicians, talking about how great it is what they're doing, because 'it's not about getting benefits, it's not about greed, it's about loyalty.'

And, a Kickstarter campaign that opens with a video about how kids these days spend too much time at computers (know your audience, right?) only offers two reward tiers under $100, and only offers thank-you notes for them. I think you had to pledge $250 or something to get a T-shirt.

I have been annoyed.