Patreon Subbable Merge

I wanted to have more to say about this, but I haven't been able to think it through. I've been very busy. Subbable and Patreon are merging. Or, Subbable is merging into Patreon. Or Subbable is closing down, and its accounts are migrating to Patreon. IDK. It's complicated probably.

Right now this is totally irrelevant to me, except that crowdfunding is incredibly cool and I have a huge number of thoughts about Patreon-style funding of larger institutional projects (like NEWSPAPERS) but hopefully eventually something like this will be on the table for how I make my money. (Gotta monetize y'all eventually, or what's the point?) (I'm kidding. I love blogging and will continue to do it as long as it doesn't literally cost me my access to food and shelter.) (But I wouldn't turn my nose up at a future in which I get paid for the chunk of my writing that I like doing.)

Here's the SciShow video on the move -- which is exceptionally pertinent since SciShow is hosted by Hank Green, who founded Subbable.