Other end

So the horrifically unpleasant thing is over, which is nice. General updates:

My laptop arrived, and it is amazing. It's a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, it's bright orange, and it's better than literally every other computer I routinely interact with, including the computers at school and both of my jobs.

I'm getting a new car soon, although 'soon' is probably overstating it now that the whole of northern Mass. and southern N.H. are getting ready to shut down for two days in response to a storm I didn't know was happening until 11 a.m. today. (It wasn't until about 2 p.m., when I was told not to come in to work tomorrow -- after school was cancelled -- for my own safety, that I started to figure out that this storm was a big deal.) Anyway, the car is great -- it'll pass inspections and everything.

School has started. I'm thrilled to have gotten the Bio professor I was hoping for (I put off taking Bio 2 because I wanted to take it with him, but this semester the only one's on the schedule were someone else and 'Instructor TBD,' and I also want to graduate this year). I'm also excited for my Video Field Production class, which will involve video editing, which I love and have missed a great deal. And Honors Philosophy of Happiness is gonna be great, obv.

I'm doing way better now than I was last Friday, generally. So -- yay!