On being an asshole on the internet for a good cause

I have a Google Keep account. I'm pretty sure that everyone does, but almost nobody uses them. I use mine all the time. It's mostly like a diary -- I've even got entries in it that start "Dear diary." The vast majority of posts are short story or vlog ideas. (I swear I'm gonna start vlogging some day.) The next most common type of item is assorted useful notes, like my license plate number or how much money I owe various people.

Then, after that, are the rants.

I have at least five or six rants in my Keep account. They generally address points that are very important to me. The most recent one was about punching-up vs. punching-down humor and the idea of an 'equal-opportunity offender.'

The reason these rants are tucked away in my Google Keep folder is that they're really, sardonically mean. They display Reddit-level carelessness for the humanity of their audience. The one about public housing stars a protagonist called Assface. The one about equal opportunity offenders describes a subject (referred to in the second person) walking around a hospital punching everyone, and then describes the outcome of their violence.

I think they're generally pretty good metaphors. As a writer, I'm proud of them.

But as a human being and a citizen of the world and the internet, I don't think they should ever see the light of day.

Because despite the fact that elaborately vulgar extended metaphors are an extremely popular mode of communication on the internet, I don't think they're actually very helpful. They're fun to write. They're a pleasant way to vent. And I can see the motivation for directing them openly at someone you disagree with on a visceral moral level.

But it's completely unhelpful, potentially triggering, and a generally shitty way to act on the internet, and I think it has a lot less to do with being an asshole for a good cause than it does with making the writer feel good about making other people feel shitty.

(By the way, I've been pretty pissed off lately, so that's part of the reason my blog's been kind of uninspired: the really good writing is cruel and awful and will never be posted here or anywhere else in public.)