Oh My Glob

I feel like crap.  I'm sure it's more complicated than this -- the semester also just ended, and my little brother was home for a couple days -- but I'm having some pretty strong flashbacks to the last time I wasn't blogging, and the time before that, and the time before that.  Those times that I had severe depressive crashes when I took a month or a week or whatever off blogging. But I'm back.  I'm scared to try to re-upload the files I had before, some of which must be corrupted, so I'm taking this opportunity to renovate.  I'll be picking through the old stuff, trying to put back the most important things, but I've been wanting to re-design for a while now, and I had awful labels and terrible tagging habits.

I just took a look at my analytics for the first time since my site died, and I'm happy to report that my bounce rate is way down.

Today is mostly going to be a day of putting things back together and figuring out a plan to move forward.  I've kind of carefully avoided actually processing the fact that my blog broke, and I've still, for example, barely let it sink in that the most findable copy of my Album Challenge story, and the only copies of my rant against Facebook and my speed-blog-writing experiment The Book, are both trapped somewhere in a .zip file of a corrupted directory.

But I have to start dealing with this.

I feel sick.