Observer succession

I spent some time working on the Observer succession document today, which is now starting to turn into an Observer Staff Handbook, which I'm really excited about. (I got to brag about it a bit yesterday to some friends, which was a fun conversation. "Yeah, I did all the layout and stuff for this. To be fair, I didn't design the page elements for it, I'm just using the headline libraries from the paper. *beat* But I designed those a couple years ago when we switched to InDesign, and have been responsible for all the updates to them since.") Here's what the cover's going to look like! Pretty much. If we can get it printed in color. And from a printer that can do full bleed correctly. And the table of contents is going to more accurately reflect the content -- right now it's a rough idea of what the content was going to be when I thought the (now 24 page) document was going to be 12 pages long. Also I might move the ToC inside anyway, because if it's going to look this nice, it may as well look like a textbook. Then we can charge $300 for it! Just kidding. It'll be free. For staff. Otherwise, what's the point?



I'll probably be talking about this a bunch over the summer, because I'm really proud of how it's turning out.