not the thing I said I was gonna do

I didn't start the villain thing. It's not that I don't want to. It really does sound like a fun story to write, it would be an interesting challenge, and it would produce a lot of valuable insight for the plot of that story.

But right now I don't wanna do a complicated challenge. I'm tired. I'm struggling at work and my school semester is about to start. I'm not in a good place to take on a project that's going to be a real demand on my emotional and intellectual energy, every day, for months.

I haven't been writing. I've dismissed the "work on a story" alert on my phone every day for over a week. It's starting to get really upsetting, but I couldn't convince myself to sit down and work on a project I've got started. I don't want to work on the second draft of Depression Buddy right now. I don't want to start on the villain's POV of my novel. And I don't want to start trying again to write a Solarpunk story while I still don't actually have a specific Solarpunk story I want to write.

So, instead of doing any of that stuff, I decided to grab a handful of the fun-looking ideas from my Google Keep folder and run with them.

Today I started a Sherlock Holmes pastiche about a detective who investigates magical crimes, formatted as a feature news story written by a journalist who tagged along on a case. The case is going to be about a magician who uses riddles to cast spells.