not feeling very well

Speaking of not having health insurance, and of being in a less than awesome state for blogging, I have been somewhat ill. [ #Emetophobia cw ] I woke up in the middle of last night, dizzy to the point of staggering, sweating, possibly feverish, and ended up in the bathroom alternating between vomiting and taking brief naps on the comfortingly cold tile floor. After that, hypothesizing that the problem was likely the air in my bedroom, I went to finish my night's rest on the couch. I'm at home again tonight, so this time I'm starting on the couch -- after I realized I was getting nauseous hanging out in my bedroom. Hopefully, this will work better and I won't end up getting sick at all tonight. Worst case, I do get sick, in which case I have a bucket ready, and I will have ruled out one hypothesis for the cause of my illness.

Sorry for the gross blogging.