Newspaper night, and feeling guilty about not blogging

Today's the first production night for the NECC Observer in Spring of 2014.  Right now, instead of writing for my blog, I could be going over people's pages and fixing all the mistakes everyone's inevitably made.[1. Because people make mistakes, all the time.  Not because they're bad at their jobs.]  Instead, I'm writing a blog post about blog posts, because this is the second time I've blogged this week. On my old blog, my very old blog, which is no longer on the internet, like half the posts were something to the effect of "I'm not really gonna blog today, here's why."  I always really hated doing that, but I  had made a commitment to blog every day, for at least a year.  And I wasn't really any good at it yet.

I miss it here.  I like finding stuff I care about and spending a serious chunk of time researching and gathering my thoughts on it enough to put together a coherent blog post.  I like talking about stuff I've been doing, too.  I don't have any new cross-stitch photos, but I pretty much finished the one of my finishing stamp.  I want to show that off.  And I got a set of midtone brush pens for christmas that I've been playing with, and I really like a lot of the art I've been creating with them.  I should really be sharing that.

I'm only going to get busier in the next couple of weeks, so I'm not going to recommit to more blogging than I can handle.  But I haven't forgotten.  I promise.